Adventure Story as a game: Chapter 1 by ShadowWhirl

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So this story starts off with a kid who’s name is unknown* and he is supposedly the kid of legend who is supposed to stop the shadows with the help of shadows. *Please enter your name and gender* So anyway, the kid is talking to his elder in his village. “Elder, I must go out to adventure. I’ve been trapped here too long, I need to explore the world!” “Hey, I will let your adventure out there but I need you to be safe from all the evil that is out there. If you go back in your house, you will find an ancient sword that your father left for you. Go.” *enters house* “Hmm, the elder said that a sword was hidden here but where?” *Search for ancient sword* *You searched in the fireplace. “Hm, is this the sword?” *Found unknown sword* *Current Quest=go back to elder and inform him you found the sword* *You talked with elder.* “Elder, I found the sword, now can I explore the outside world?” “Hm, this sword seems familiar but it isn’t your father’s.” “What, what do you mean?” “I’m saying that you found another sword that is different from your father’s. Wait, I can sense your father’s energy in the sword. Tell me, where did you find this sword?” “Well, I found it in the fireplace.” “Hm, I see. Well, I guess I can let you go but promise me this. Make sure to find multiple blacksmiths to help forge this sword further and further. Promise me that!” “Okay, I will. Whelp, see you later Elder!” Random Voices, “Wait!” “Ugh, what is it now guys?” “Wait, we want to come with you on you journey. Come on, we’ve been friends since we were kids. Can’t we come along?” “Alright fine, but if you want to come along, you guys are gonna need weapons.” “Okay!”

Creator= sorry about this top part guys. It's I guess kinda like the Prologue

Okay then, I know this is short but Chapter 2 is a lot of stuff.

Creators, can you please help me get rid of the errors. I honestly have no idea what happened. It happened to my 2nd Chapter so can you fix that too. I don't care if you mess around with the story or whatever just please help me fix both my games.
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