to the toilet by infinentvariables

your name is chris plunger u are from a small neighborhood called toiletland city.You have lived inside this house for a long time! and u need to get to the bathroom fast! others couldnt survive thier way to the toilet but with your brain power u can achieve anything SERIES IS CONTINUED ON TO THE TOILET 2 NEW UPDATE: just a bug fix that wouldnt display anything

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Review by MakeJake
15 Jan 2022
This game is short, pointless and very funny.

I like it.

Review by Bombitor
02 Jan 2020
This game is short, ponitless and not funny at all.

05 Nov 2018
I played this in the school library and I didn't realize there was sound. When I got to the second room, fart sounds were blaring out of the speakers for all to hear.

Review by mahboi
26 May 2018
10/10 ign.

Review by Franceybean
24 Mar 2016
I have no idea why I like it but I do.

Review by dudeguy
06 Feb 2014
game makes no sense and thats why i like it

Review by coqpuncher
06 Feb 2014
This game is "crap"

Review by Ffloyduss
14 Jan 2014
What the bloody hell's up with that music.

Review by Paper Asssassin
31 Dec 2013
I didn't even play it yet, I was just reading the description and it already made me laugh! " if u wait to long u will crap yourself so beware " I'm giving it 5 stars just for that!

Review by Eduardo Nogales
21 Dec 2013
I really just winged it and didn't even explore, but I was cracking up the whole time. Cool game, though.

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