Mystery of Silver Mountain by Craig Dutton

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This is based on the Usborne book adventure game published back in 1984. Back in the day (for those too young to remember) you had to enter the program listing in your computer and save it on cassette tape. There were hints and clues in the pictures from the book to help you solve the game. In this version, most commands have been replace with the use...with... command and any picture or word clues are included in the game itself. The commands used in this version are SAY, TURN, BLOW, MOVE, STEAL, WEAR, REMOVE, EAT, RING, UNLOCK, OPEN, READ, CLIMB, PLANT as well as the usual commands USE, GIVE, TAKE, DROP, EXAMINE, etc. Have fun!

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Review by KeredDrahcir
29 Jul 2015
A great way to play without finding a work version of basic and copying out 10 pages of code. This is the first time I've found a working version of the gave in 25 years. A great addition. I hope I gave complete it.

Review by Liam Graham
29 Mar 2012
A reasonable attempt to re-create the game. I was unable to find any faults within the programming but there are a number of ways in which the game can be improved:

1. The descriptions were far too brief. Within a text adventure the player is required to use his/her imagination to create pictures of his fictional surroundings.

2. There were only a few locations in which the player could interact with things. You often found yourself in a place where you could only travel to another place.


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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.1
Published 11 Mar 2012
Updated 10 Sep 2017

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