The Forgetful Wizard of What?!? v4.0 by sweetalker

(Version 4.0) You wake up in a coffin... over and over again. You have no idea how you got here, but a mysterious old stranger assures you that you will remember you are a powerful wizard, if only you can find your stolen wand! Death is not the end in this text-based clicker.

Creator's Notes:
I am working on getting some pictures into this game.
If you played this game in the past, and found a bug, you can restart - but you may have to reset your browser's cookies in order to play the updated version.
I would be very grateful if you would please report any errors or bugs, just put them in the comments below, and I will mention you below if you are the one to spot it first!

List of errors fixed (from latest to earliest):
- Made it easier for you to get past the giant!
- Fixed the Cherry Blossom challenge. It's easier to get now.
- Fixed the corpse glitch
- Fixed the conversation with the beggar
- Fixed the iron collar glitch
- Fixed the "poison error", which would occasionally kill you even if you WEREN'T poisoned
- Fixed critical error when talking to Farmer (thanks to BlUmP)
- Fixed minor grammatical errors when talking to the Sage (thanks galaxus122!)
Review by WarlordofRome
29 Sep 2016
A good number of paths and a nice charm. Only issue that there still seem to be some bugs.

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