Roberta Williams Eats a Sandwich by bitterkarella

The year is 1983.

You are Roberta Williams -- Imagineer, Dream Weaver, and Renegade Adventure Game Designer. Sierra, the fledgling video game company that you founded with your husband Ken Williams, is in trouble. You need a hit game to stay in business. And not just any hit. You need the biggest hit that the video game world ever saw or else IBM is going to send a bunch of goons to knock you out and tie you up in a basement so deep that not even a helpful mouse that you earlier saved by throwing a shoe at a cat could save you.

The pressure is on.

But your mind is blank.

Maybe a light snack would replenish your mental reserves...
Review by Cyeborg
11 Apr 2018
5/5 would sandwich again.

Review by Regisblackgaard
15 Dec 2016
gooood??? i guesss???

Review by snazzy ray
04 Dec 2016
This is funny but it's not that good quality. Night house was a lot better. I did enjoy this though.

Review by Long John
30 Nov 2016
when i started playing: 5 stars.
and then i went like:
umm.. what?
this is not bitterkarella quality at all.
everything was so totally random and nothing at all was connected. -4 stars
And all the choices were too long.
I think we can all agree that night house was so much better than this.
however, i have to give points for the game being mildly (and only sometimes very) funny. +2 stars.
Final Verdict: 3 stars.

Review by David Yates
23 Nov 2016
I chuckled heartily.

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