Club Asteria, a size adventure by hexall90

12/04/2020 | For the moment, progress on the game is stalled. The project is not dead, but I do not feel confident I am capable of finishing something this complex without accumulating some experience first. Thus, I am putting my effort into another project, simpler from a gameplay standpoint, with a greater focus on the narrative. If you enjoyed this game, I invite you to check it out.

Disclaimer: This game contains sexual content and themes.

You were born a red, a reduced human, barely two inches tall. Hit with debt and a bleak future, you decide to take your chances with Club Asteria, an eccentric and mysterious establishment, that employs both normal humans and reds. You are well aware of the dangers that you might have to face, but it may be your last hope for a better future.

12/02/20 | V 0.11 | Fixed Grace missing dialogue.
11/02/20 | V 0.1 | Completed introductions for all main characters. Basic dialogue options available.

You can see all currently implemented events in Options->Debug
Vote for which character you would like to see developed first:
You can download the game from here:!KZMQ0C4C!hnOFmkkj2ccXwmN6wgSOTA
Review by viviant
14 Jun 2023
probably the best gts game in terms of gameplay

Review by Weevers666
17 Sep 2022
Great game

Review by Forme
26 Dec 2020
It is really good tho you could make this better if you had a bit more content and mabye a gard difficulty for people who are bettet at this game.

Review by Trungvng03
06 Sep 2020

Review by meknes
09 Apr 2020
This game is quite entertaining so far. The menu is easy to navigate and the presentation itself is also pretty good. My only issue with it as of now is that certain event actions (getting stuck in ice cream, conversing with an overly-affectionate mother, etc.) cannot seem to be failed due to the state of the default stats preventing the player from failing, and said stats can't seem to be lowered in debug mode either.

I hope in the future that there can be an option to intentionally "fail" an event action. I mean wouldn't it be funny if the avatar was repeatedly assaulted by a saliva-riddled muscle while while covered in a sugary sticky substance haha

Review by ThelmaDragon24
06 Apr 2020
Got an awesome game going, this game looks so in depth with the choices you make too, haven't gotten to do too many of the sexual stuff in this game asides from work at evening shifts but I could tell there's so much more outcomes to a lot of things already especially depending on your skill levels, I would love to see more!

Review by Dino_kid01
08 Mar 2020
Great job with this hopefully you continue going to be waiting to see what you come up with.
And just take your time everything will come to you good luck and can't wait to see whats to come see you later.

Review by footlover1994
27 Feb 2020
I cant wait for a bigger story. The mechanics are already very well done and I see a great potential for it.

Review by antite
19 Feb 2020
I played your super early tech demo and thought it was good, but then slept on this until now. Wish I didn't because this is incredible. Kira = best girl. Can't wait to see more

Review by ckkc1
18 Feb 2020
I really enjoy this game, both in concept and in practice. The farmer sisters are great, and the whole 'training regimen' idea is creative and can potentially lead to a lot of different possibilities; since Piper is reluctant about some of the more severe violations of the MC's privacy and dignity, there could be a plot thread where she refuses to allow you to be harmed like that (while still treating you like a pet, of course); if you're too uppity, she might either lose interest in you or stop caring too much about your wellbeing, meaning that Lilac could take the reigns and treat you much less mercifully.

I wish there was an option for your character's gender, but I understand that it's hard to do just in base Quest, so I can't really imagine how hard it would be to do that in twine without copy/pasting entire paragraphs of text while also changing specific scenes to fit--for instance, the training scene part where the MC is violated with a stick would have to be changed for the male version (or at least, it would have to be a different hole being violated). Interactions with other characters might also have to be changed slightly, so it'd be a hassle to try and catch all those little snags. I'm trying to do the same with a little work-in-progress project of mine, but I need to be capable of using advanced settings in the downloadable version of the program, so I understand the pain.

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