The Pervert's Atlas by LifeFitsInACoffin

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4/16/2018 This is a very early look at a story that I had the idea to make yesterday, so if you see this one moment and the next moment it is gone I have probably scrapped the project as I usually do. Hopefully I continue to write for it because I'm rather enjoying how it's turning out. I do feel the need to throw out a disclaimer, I am not a very good writer, I practice a lot but I'm not sure if I've gotten better which is kind of why I'm publishing it right at the start to see criticism early on so that I may write it better. Anyway please don't laugh at me :)

The Pervert's Atlas is smut set in space, kind of inspired by Trials in Tainted Space but I'm gonna try and stay away from copying anything, obviously. The idea isn't entirely fleshed out at this point but as far as I've written you play as a pilot of a ship called Atlas. You've been frozen for a couple million years as Atlas has taken you to a distant galaxy. You're mission is to find a planet humans can live on.

One last note: This is technically a work in progress but the last time I posted smut to WIP I got banned so I'm just setting it as ready for release

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