Jimi Hendrix Quest by zoey west

A game filled with unexpected turns and twists. In this game you will embark on a mission to help and save the Jimi hendrix statue from being ruined, as well as other tings. As you race around Capital hill to find new objects and help out in town you face problems that make your life a little more difficult. As if this wasn't enough you have a bit of a sticky senario, you have wings. The character you will play as is Elias, Elias is half human half eagle. You currently live in the Wild Life Refuge, but you hate it there you feel different. Your only task is to do what your told and do it right. If you fail... you die....

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Review by Dog-in-a-tank
10 May 2019
The good, I like the humour and the slight abstractness (is that a word ?) to it
The not bad. This might be my age, having grown up with text adventures back in the 8 bit days. But I was a bit disappointed that I could not look at more objects. For example, right at the start it mentions graffiti on the statue, but I am unable to read/examine/look at it.

I would finally say, there is something I like about the authors writing and I will be checking out more of their adventures

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Written by
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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 03 May 2019