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Reviews by AtomicMountain

Review for El Presidenté
24 Apr 2015
Hands down, the best political text-based simulator I've ever seen. It has so many choices and paths that it gives so much replayability. 5/5, Fantastic.

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
04 Apr 2015
Another excellent game made by peter123!

Review for Roots of a Goal
25 Dec 2014
The concept is okay, but it really is too short. I mean when I pick to work on the project, there is no other choice. One link on one page then the ending. Hope you update or make a sequel!

21 Dec 2014
Well, there are some unfinished parts, but overall 5/5. Good concept.

Review for Your World!
13 Dec 2014
Good. The graphics suit the scenarios, though you could make more. Overall, 4/5.

12 Dec 2014
I say, the game is fantastic!

07 Nov 2014
Great concept! I'm a total fan of soccer and your game just inspired me. Although, there are some parts that aren't finished and the scenarios are just great, feels like you're a real soccer player! Hope you finish the game anytime soon!

31 Oct 2014
Nice concept! But, it's really to short and all. Overall, everything's fine.

30 Oct 2014
Nice little RPG. The story is great unlike any other fantasy/RPG game I've read. I love the concept, it's just like one of those Steve Jackson games. Overall, it's just fantastic 5/5

29 Oct 2014
Well, it's a good concept but grammatical errors made it so hard to understand. Overall I give it a 2/5, try to improve it.

28 Oct 2014
Nice game! Fallout is my favourite game and this really inspired me!