Soccer - Rising to Fame by Odie_da_Bossé

Will you become one of the legends of football? Decide right here, right now!

NOTE: The game will seem short if you only play once. So, basically, playing a few times, whilst recording each one in the comments/reviews, will be the best.

Also, some words in the game might bedazzle you. Click the 'index' link at the start of the game for a few words.

Recommended positions: Goalkeeper and Striker

Already has:

Basic story line
Title Page: Containing defence, midfield and attack options, as well as an index and a help page.
Real life positions, such as goalkeeper, right back, centre attacking midfield and so on!
Realistic situations, contract negotiation and offers from clubs!
Football field colour scheme
Index page has all the vocabulary used in this game that may not be known to others
Minigames Page (currently in beta) - containing 'soccer quiz' and player cards
A self-painted cover age (v2.0)

Update v2.1 - Revise/Edit 2

+ Added a few pictures
+ Edited and revised
+ Improved the free kick scenario (still might be hard to understand)

225 completed pages! Wow!

Briefly edited and revised (3 - 4 errors approx.)

Shortlisted to be added in future updates:
Still modifying Goalkeeper 'free kick' scenario (BeggerStager's suggestion)
Finish pictures for some scenarios
More mini games

Please comment and suggest for future updates! And make sure you put your 'career preview' into the comments or ratings!

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Review by Jollop_for_swansea
24 Nov 2021
people like Will, Luca and Jack will like this

Review by esteemedtroglodyte
28 Feb 2018

Review by Renagrade
20 Dec 2014
Fantastic game! It has so much potential! If it was complete I would give it it 5/5.

Review by RandomReligiousGuy
14 Nov 2014
I like it for what it is, something told me it would be more free range team building. I know that would be like 6 times more work to create though. I assume you have plans for the "wages" later in development, can't wait to see what you have in store, happy game making!

Review by AtomicMountain
07 Nov 2014
Great concept! I'm a total fan of soccer and your game just inspired me. Although, there are some parts that aren't finished and the scenarios are just great, feels like you're a real soccer player! Hope you finish the game anytime soon!

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