Reviews by yoshiclay9000

Review for (Canceled) Shrunken
28 Dec 2016
The list of "Canceled yoy" is so beautiful. thanks for this experience.

9/10 needs shrek

Review for Questionable Game
23 Dec 2016
its good 10/10

Review for OTHERWISE
29 Aug 2016
Its okay, Different. But okay.

30 Apr 2015
really good! I never knew its hard to be a detective

good job :D

Review for pikmin
06 Jun 2014
okay this is how to pluck pikmin in the game...
1. take
2. take
3. take
4. realize that the game says "cant take this object" ITS PIKMIN YOU CAN TAKE PIKMIN STOOPID!

Review for gehorsam
17 May 2014
no... just no

Review for The Abyss
17 May 2014
good job! you sir are better than most of us out here!

16 Apr 2014
dog lover here... I will come back and rate it again I didn't play all of it and will come back and play all!

Review for The Mansion II
05 Apr 2014
its okay but I cant pass the first part! maybe because I'm 11 years old _-_


Review for The Time Machine
17 Mar 2014
its okay but when you update it may you please make another selection that brings you to the cavemen/dinosaur lands? I will give a higher rating

Review for Life as a cat
14 Mar 2014
good job this game is epic!

the drawling are sloppy but it doesn't matter its the gameplay that matters!

good but I actually knew what to do cause I never been to a zombie apocalypse XD all well good but make it longer