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Reviews by ChazCliffhanger

Review for The Devil's Bargain
08 Feb 2017
Literally have to wait like a full minute to get past these god damn credits (we can't just go to a different window) and then it doesn't even work, it's just blank.

12 Dec 2016
Good but short. I really liked the whole "Can we pretend that never happened?" feature.

It is a compelling story with very different paths you can take on each playthrough. My only complaint, is that I don't really know the characters, and that there is long pauses in between every choice. Other than that, it's great!

Review for The God Device
17 Oct 2016
Very good! Would be awesome to see the whole story!

Review for The Dark Ones
06 Oct 2016
Nice, but not many choices and it seemed pretty short.

Review for Survive The Night
26 Sep 2016
Very interesting game! I only have a few complaints.
1. I wasn't able to get to know the characters, and constantly tricked myself into thinking Max was a girl. I also forgot which of the friends was there, who my boyfriend was, and stuff like that.
2. It jumped into the action a little fast in my opinion. No time to get to know myself, the house, or any of the characters.

Overall very good and challenges players to save more people every time which is nice.

Nice job Kiara! Way to put yourself into the game!

Review for Cabin Fever
20 Sep 2016
Pretty good!

04 May 2016
Bad English and the story was erratic.

Review for El Presidenté
26 Apr 2016
Very nice. I found myself choosing different characters instead of one the whole time.

Was nice, short and *SPOILERS* I died at every choice I took.

Review for Order 66
12 Apr 2016
Very short and not many choices towards the end.

Review for Radioactive Blues
06 Apr 2016
Pretty interesting except it was short with quite a few grammar errors.

Review for The Race
11 Mar 2016
Awesome! I lost in third place with Leonie!

Review for Choice of Zombies
19 Feb 2016
Beautiful. I loved it except there was like one female character.

Was awesome. Definitely looking forward to episode three! Only reason that this didn't get a 5 star rating was minor grammar and spelling issues.