ESCAPE FROM MOTEL Z: Part 1 of "DEAD ENDINGS" by jacklarson9

DEAD ENDINGS, Part 1: Escape from Motel Z

Escape from the motel and make it to a safe-house--or DIE---in this interactive short story by Jack Larson.
Review by Ozzy S.T.
24 Apr 2016
Yet another zombie story... But hey, this one is fantastically well written! And for that, I salute and congratulate you, Jack.
There really can't be enough praise for Jack Larson's writing style, it really is gorgeous. I just wanted to keep reading and kept wishing I didn't get to the end so that I could keep drinking more of this elixir of prose.
Highly recommended to all those that appreciate good story telling, good writing, and don't mind reading about "yet another zombie story...". I can safely guarantee this one is worth it.
Thank you, Jack!

Review by ChazCliffhanger
12 Apr 2016
Was nice, short and *SPOILERS* I died at every choice I took.

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