Reviews by felixp7

Review for Detectiveland
20 Mar 2018
Oh look, a game that manages to capture the elegant simplicity of old text adventures while adding a revolutionary user interface. Did I mention the presentation is top-notch, too? More games need to take a hint from _Detectiveland_.

Truth and Blasphemy is a surprisingly compelling Twine about some lame kids who gather for a sort of party, start talking religion, and quickly discover a dark secret about the big old house their host lives in. (After that I ran into a maze, became hopelessly lost and gave up.) The dialog-based format with long breaks between choices suggests it was written as a visual novel initially, and there's some weirdness in places that could just as easily signal implementation errors or subtleties I failed to pick up on. Possibly both -- it seems to be a fairly large game. All in all, an intriguing piece, and since the choices I made seemed to matter, that might just be reason to try again. Worth a play.

It's a bit odd to review an unfinished game. Hopefully I can revise this later. For one thing, this is supposed to be a boy's love game, but for now it ends before getting to that part. Still, you've been warned. It's also a simple, feel-good story, about a future where robotic servants are becoming ubiquitous... and they turn out to be more human-like than they were supposed to. Hardly original, but then a familiar setting can be a good thing. The writing is to the point, yet there's a lot of text between choices, suggesting a mostly-linear story -- perhaps written that way initially. Still, the few choices allowed me to engage in a bit of roleplaying with regard to the protagonist's personality. By the way, the game is also written in third person -- unusual for CYOA, but hardly unheard of. All in all, a bit of an odd duck, but one I would really like to see completed. Recommended (if you like the genre).