Sanrekhit by TanayStark

India - 2029.
You are a young man living in Mumbai, belonging to the middle-class corporate life.
Amidst the broken roads and hopes, people wake up every morning in order to chase their dreams for better access to information.
In a country overtaken by the rising prowess of technological growth, two tech-giants have formed political parties which will change the Internet as people know it.
Being an average citizen of this country, you never expected to get involved in making a decision so crucial, the world-wide-web may completely change for your country.
Play as the protagonist, where your choices matter.
Review by lemnlime
07 May 2019
Very interesting and unique. There are some typos but overall it's written well. Is there a "true" ending to this or do they all loop back to the beginning?

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Published 03 May 2019