Fade to White by Devon Oratz

Some are afraid of the dark, but you should fear the light, because it's the light that tears your mind asunder in Devon Oratz's Fade to White. Your mind is a rough place, get used to it...

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Review by Alexandre Torres
03 Oct 2013
I think it is bugged. Can´t empty the Lot 9 in the sink (too).
Unless there is a secret command somewhere, or I need to restart to talk to the voices in different orders (I hate this kind of game and WILL NOT do that... ).
Also it is poorly done. So much text, but no descriptions, bugged commands , I don´t know if it is old or what.
How many times do you need to repeat "Surreal" ? C´mon! this is annoying.

Review by Jim Jones
17 Jan 2003
This game was a great game! I havn't beaten it, and I've tryed like 300 times... I keep on taking the crystals, then getting killed by the beast... O.o maybe i'm just stupid

Review by Tom from the uk
08 Dec 2002
I started to play and suddenly found I was stuck in 1 room with 0 things to do

08 Dec 2002
To the above reviewer who gave this one star: You just didn't do the right thing-- try typing hint to get to the rest of the game.

Anyway, I think that it is a fabulous game, with incredible description and well-developed characters. Gameplay is very engrossing-- when you have a choice of what to do, you always want to know what the other way would have done after you click to go one way.

Pros: A very cool game with a unique story and an experianced creator.

Cons: The print is too small (but who cares).

Review by Carlii Cortez1
01 Jul 2002
Woah! now this is a huge game! "Fade To White" is a very long and often difficult game. It is also quite challenging and ingeniously written; written much like a novel. Don't worry, it does have a *hint* feature which can be handy at times when you don't know what to do. "Fade To White" is one of those IF games that is as both complex as it is entertaining. It is the best IF game I have ever played on the Quest system! Congratulations on Blaine Sim who has created an amazing game!

Review by Graham Kelly
01 Jul 2002
I agree with the previous review--however, I have one bone to pick with this game (I would bump my rating up to 5 if this weren't so.) I don't know if it is a problem with the download link or something with my computer or what, but apparently I downloaded a demo or obsolete version. The version was marked "alpha" and when I reached a certain point in the game, the game displayed:
PART 2: (blah blah)

Review by Bad Omen
01 Jul 2002
ok bro this is the game that made me wanna write my own if games i thought this was the greatest thing ive ever read aside from the sword of truth novels like i wanted to say dude you rock!

Review by Heath. T
01 Jul 2002
An amazing game, and I wouldv'e knocked my points up to 5 if it wasnt for 1 fact,k I finished it in 6 minutes without hints. Sorry, but a bit to easy.

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Written for Quest 2.1
Published 01 Sep 2000

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