As Darkness Falls by CJ592

You play a private detective investigating the disappearance of your friend. His last known location was a small run down motel in the middle of nowhere.

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Review by colliclaw1294
04 Mar 2023
its pretty good I just need help.

Review by Floranovae
16 Nov 2016
but what happens to Henry?!

Review by danaburgerrr
08 Jan 2015
THAT WAS REALLY FUN. your best game in my opinion. wayyy more logical clues than usual. never felt like I was that far off at any point. although the cocktail bit at the end got me stuck for a bit. otherwise great storyline, interesting world and just very entertaining the whole way through.

Review by Mike Munday
18 Nov 2014
Liked the game, needed some help from comments but this didnt detract from enjoyment. Could of expanded it to include a second floor of the house but its not a game killer.

Review by janelovestea
05 Jan 2014
Pretty decent game. I enjoyed the fairly simple puzzles. Could really be improved with a basic spell check - a lot of spelling errors which just made the game OK for me.

Review by achaldy
29 Sep 2013
So, just finished it. If there had been a little less "guess the verbs", though that wasn't the case too often in this game, it would have been a five. Enjoyed it a lot, but not without a little help from the comments.

Review by Meriselene
22 Jul 2013
This game was actually really fun, even though some parts were confusing. But what's a game without a challenge?

Review by john35
12 Jul 2012
fun for a while, some parts were confusing

Review by stella1
18 Jun 2012
I played this one a few days ago and the puzzles weren't too hard, and enjoyable enough to play without too much frustration. I did get help from the hints here so that probably helped. Really awesome job.

Review by FadeRaven
01 Jun 2012
Short but sweet, and probably the most use you'll get from a can of gas in any text adventure! The puzzles are fairly intuitive, and you're not handcuffed overmuch by "guess the verb" -- though 'lift' might have been a problem if not already mentioned in previous messages here. I confirmed my own "Examine vs. Look At" bias by getting stuck for an embarrassing time on the dog's name. The steps required to start the fire only to then immediately want to put it out... genius.

As with any Quest game I complete, I put together a walkthrough:

I'm a little ambivalent about putting these up, since there's the chance a readily available walkthrough will end people asking questions here and erode the sense of community... and yet I'm also thinking of the person who's frustrated at 2 AM (or a day/week/month later) and about ready to give up on the game entirely for want of anyone to get a quick answer from. As your situation dictates, I guess.

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