Escape The House 2! by dther99

Part 2! its more terrible, but at least its part 2, right? fans? people? anyone?

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Review by Crispin
08 Sep 2013
If you are interested in improving the game, use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Also, try to describe the setting a bit more to help the player get into the game. It seems a little odd to have a house a bathroom connecting a hall with a living room. Add more rooms to explore and items to find. And last, finding a key somehow turns on the light, which doesn't really make sense, and you have a plastic bag on you (on your head?) that just... disappears.

You have an interesting story idea that could be expanded on to make a full game, rather than just a 5-command exercise.

Review by Andrew Trewin
13 Feb 2008
Another peice of crap. Seriously, no grammer whatsoever. Many spelling mistakes.

And taking the key manages to turn on the lights as well! Amazing. Appalling. And btw, there is no humor in this game whatsoever.

Review by GAMER!
12 Feb 2008
This game is so easy! I completed it in about a minute. At least this game is better than "escape 1" and "escape 2." I think the ending was well, let's just say not very good. I give this game a 3 oujt of 5.

Review by Michael the gamer
12 Feb 2008
Bravo! Bravo!
Best game I've seen from you
Its sooooooo Funny and if I recommend a funny text adventure author it will be you dther99


Take key
Take Paper Clip
North all the way
Read the ending :)


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