Mauricio Diaz Garcia

Reviews by Mauricio Diaz Garcia

Review for The Abyss
05 May 2015
Good game! Well, not a game but an interactive fiction. And it wasnt made in Quest.

03 Mar 2015
I never understood this kind of bloody topics with long writing and few options.

Review for Who Among Us
29 Jan 2015
Really good story! I give only 3 stars because it's a twine thing, wasn't made in quest and most importantly it's not a game, just a really long story with some options that are not real choices, it takes you to the same place with exception of the end. Also, some misspelling, than for then.

Review for N7
29 Dec 2014
Another CYOA based on an existing game. Good game but I prefer typing and mind challenging games instead of RPGs.

Review for Geoff's Adventure
26 Dec 2014
Easy, short, cyoa, the only good thing was the humour.

17 Dec 2014
Very good game!