Choices by Sophie3

You find yourself in charge of a small group of people who survived the zombie outbreak, making decisions that decide whether not you and your group survive. There are the good choices...and the bad ones.

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Review by MisterPibb316
21 May 2015
The beginning of this game isn't what I'd call coherent. Instead of introducing you to characters or the storyline in a way to provide backstory, you're *spoilers* arguing over who gets a can of chicken soup. I thought this was a comedy game at first. Also, very short.

Review by Sacrilege
21 May 2015
Very short with a lack of showing the emotions behind each decisions.
Nearly no one is so emotionless.

Review by arislaf
05 Feb 2015
Good one! A bit longer could make it excellent.

Review by raphaelgri
18 Jun 2014
Like the others said, some more chapters wouldn't hurt.

Review by MrWiddershins
17 Jun 2014
Really good. Needs to be longer.

Review by AtomicMegadeath
11 Jun 2014
This was an interesting concept! I liked how many different choices there were, since this is, essentially, a medium that's all about *making choices* (a fact that a lot of authors can't seem to remember).

However, it's a bit too short to really get into. All-in-all, good game, could stand to be a little longer.

Review by player
24 Mar 2014
The story was great, but the downside is that it was too short.

Review by mwigham
26 Feb 2014
Not bad, extend the game and this could turn into a 5 starrer

Review by Magic Orange
29 Jul 2013
Very good. It forces you into hard decisions and I found myself stopping to think what I wanted to do for a while. It was a little short but I am really looking forward to the next chapter.

30 Jun 2013
Reminds me of the walking dead videogame (the good one with hard decisions. Good first chapter maybe, but its really short! thats the only downfall. If this story continues, make sure its soon and sharp cos I may forget to catch up on it. (itd be cool if the decisions from the first part carried over too).

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