Vault 3 [UPDATE] by 2273nate

This game is based on the Fallout series mostly Fallout New Vegas.
If you have never played fallout you can still have fun but you will enjoy it more if you play any of the Fallout games.
I am still working on this and I am going to add a huge amount of choices and endings so enjoy:)

Oh, and it is not done yet so tell me if you spot a mistake and yeah drop a comment.

Updates: Fixed a few grammar issues, but not all of them, added two new quest, completed every room available in the vault to explore, added the ability to get weapons and money.

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Review by Warejax101
10 Dec 2017
There are Two Types of Games you can find on Text Adventures Co .uk, Game-books and Text Adventures. This gamebook suffers too much by being a gamebook with a premise that could work better with a Text Adventure premise. You can do whatever you want without consequence due to the lack of Variables, you can break into the Overseers office only having entered the vault practically Minutes ago, and the warnings to " NO A CHEATS! " probably don't work on most people: It would be nice to have a incentive to earn these weapons and cash rather then just skipping through them. You can Introduce yourself to a group at a diner that never leaves it, and you can tell them you work as a robco manager until a few seconds after the conversation where you introduce yourself to them as a Soldier. Nothing makes sense. Grammar and Spelling Mistakes are aplenty. Dialogue is very repetitive and needs Improvement. Why three stars, you ask? All of these problems can be fixed, it has a good premise. All It needs is some edits to the text and variable support ( Or possibly a port to a Text Adventure Layout ).

Review by BastardShark
02 Dec 2017
Not very fond of this. Maybe I'm too uptight because I hold the original games so highly, but I can't get past the poor grammar and the run on sentences. Can't get into it.

Review by crowbardoctor
30 Sep 2017
i see forward to more updates

Review by mick green
16 Jul 2017
Very fun - love the way I can try to enter the casino peacefully or act like a maniac. Great decisions to choose from. Keep working on!

Review by GameofChocolate
15 Jul 2017
This is a really good start. I'm enthusiastically looking forward to the rest, and to part 2!

Review by DarkLizerd
15 Jul 2017
(even a bit spooky...)
Typos, but you know that...
When I turn on the radio, can you leave the music playing after "leaving the radio"?
Then, later have the option to change music or turn off the radio.

Attack guards:
option 1, option 2... no text.

At the start of the game:
It is Friday, October 22, 2077, 3:45 PM...
I like the "future" back story beginning... Nice touch.
Nice work with the background music and sound effects!

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