Forward and Back by MarcroSoft

Forward and Back is a very simple dice game.

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Review by Odie_da_Bossé
18 Dec 2014
Really, really good idea, MarcoSoft.

For all those who don't understand the game, you can't win with one player. More than one player is needed for this game. Player with highest dice roll wins. That simple.

Review by jatekos101
02 Jan 2014
This doesn't make any sense, it doesn't explain the rules. And I can't win, only lose or tie.

Review by Claire6129
07 Dec 2013
What the???
How do i win????
Seriously, too simple.
Try to make something that makes sense, ok?

Review by alora
10 Jul 2013
i dont even know.. how? how do i WIN?

Review by Cooltile
27 May 2013
Woah, this is so awesome!

Review by tehatl
19 May 2012
VERY Confusing with the numbers! Y'Know, Ex: 6 3 6 1?

Review by Dlover
15 Nov 2009

Review by GAMER!
14 Feb 2009
This game is good. However how did you make it? I'd like to see the code.

Review by Andrew Trewin
14 Feb 2009
For me it does - The internet just hates you Elex ^_^

Heh, fun :) It *is* simple, and for that it can be addictive. You should try making some other classical dice games such as Zilch for that extra fun facor! Good to see more new faces around too.

I rate this a fair 3.5 stars, but since the rating system is gay it'll have to be a 3 star from me.

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