Make sure that a bill becomes a law so that the Earth can ally with aliens.
4 days ago
Prologue: Disco(urse) Inferno In the middle of the journey of your academic career, you come to yourself within a dark wood where the center of structuralist thought has been lost. Upon reaching the foot of the wooded hill, you see four shades in the shape of undergraduates. These are Bri, Emma, Scott, and Zachariah. You cry out, “Have pity on me, be thou signifiers or things signified!” “We are signs without origin,” the shades reply, “clearly you are most trouble and in need of our help.” You ask the shades, "Four shades, how did I come to this wood? Can you help me find my wa...
13 Dec 2016
A game for high-schoolers who want to work on their social skills.
05 Dec 2016
A reimagining of the conclusion of Shakespeare's Othello, where the reader plays as Iago, and attempts to emerge scot-free from his scheming.
21 Nov 2016
IL REALISMO Si afferma nella meta’ dell’800. Nasce dalla scuola Barbizon, da un gruppo di pittori che si erano riuniti e dipingevano la campagna circostante dal vero; in questi paesaggi comparivano figure umane che avevano un ruolo secondario, quindi il protagonista era il paesaggio. I realisti prendono spunto da questi pittori, però con loro la figura umana diventa protagonista. Essi rappresentano le condizioni di sfruttamento delle classi umili (contadini, operai..). Cambia il concetto di estetica: non c’è più la ricerca del bello ma, anzi, il brutto diventa garanzia di veridicità. MILLET...
15 Nov 2016
The illustrious Mrs. Koy finds herself stranded in a strange and desolate place. She must find her way back to class before ninth period comes around!
01 Nov 2016
Educational story to help middle school students learn about the functions of the brain.
01 Nov 2016
Math Game- Adaptation of Seven Bridges of Konigsberg (A graph theory problem)
20 Oct 2016
A simple model of an ideal election in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea for HCHS Global Fair
13 Oct 2016

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