You, are Arthur Fawkes, a private in the British Army sent to the front of WW1, along with your brother Bill This is the finished version, no further updates are going to be issued. This is also the only game I'm going to probably take seriously.
20 Sep 2016
Spearhead a revolution and overthrow the monarchy...or play as the monarchy and quash a revolution before it happens. In this cunning game of deceit and intrigue, become entangled in crafting the perfect plan to collapse — or preserve — the crown.
22 Aug 2016
Na konci 19. století, v dobách, kdy se vlaky a parolodě s velkou slávou rozjížděly po světě, vsadili se Apollóni, že obcestují Zemi za pouhých 80 dní. Proradný lord Abuking, se kterým sázku uzavřeli, jim na cestě škodil, jak jen mohl, avšak apollónští hrdinové se nástrah nezalekli a vždy našli způsob, jak zachránit situaci. Když do konce jejich sázky zbývalo jen necelých osm dní, seděli zrovna v jedné kavárně v New Yersey a plánovali poslední etapu své cesty
08 Aug 2016
Embark on the adventures of Felix, a lowly Hobbadehoy who finds himself shipwrecked and washed ashore in a deserted ocean cave. Will he be able to escape? Find out in this mostly experimental proof of concept piece.
31 Jul 2016
19 Jul 2016
In this take on The Odyssey: Book Nine (Homer) you take the role of Odysseus of Ithica, Son of Aertes, Conqueror of Cities. Your task is to lead your tired men home from the Trojan War and to navigate them through perilous obstacles that lie in their path. You make the decisions, and choose the path that this story follows. But choose wisely, for it is not only your fate that you dictate, but that of your men too. Their life is in your hands. Take care, great adventurer, your crew awaits your next command... If you choose to take up the mantle of responsibility, to step into th...
20 May 2016
Make life-or-death decisions in the midst of World War II that will dictate whether you live or die. Based on the book Unbroken, and actual events.
17 May 2016
A woman in the fifties falls in love with an idealized version of a polemical political figure. Made for the Spring Thing.
15 May 2016

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