MYrtle Wilson is on her way to her american dream. Create your own adventure
13 Dec 2016
You've been feeling cold for some time; the weather is only just now getting with the program. There's something that pains you every day of your life, but some days are worse than others and today has been unusually unhappy. Between a chance run-in with a "friend" and the odd behavior of your significant other, something is poised to change drastically before tomorrow's sun rises. --- An assignment for my creative writing class. It was well-received, so I thought I'd list it publicly. While it is a complete piece, I'm sure there are areas I could improve. Reviews are always appreciated....
13 Dec 2016
Enter the mansion of the Duke to find out if he will be an eligible husband for your daughter. As you walk with him, feel free to look at his belongings and try to snoop around his house.
If you have any questions or would like to tell the Duke something during your visit, type "Ask the duke about [subject]" or "Tell the duke" and he may be able to provide you with further information.
05 Dec 2016
A story in french to discover a wonderful life, a Human life. An amazing travel into humankind written after Anne Frank's diary. You can watch first this trailer to make your own idea...Paste the following link : Have fun!
15 Nov 2016
this is a summary outline of "To Kill a Mocking Bird" with other possibilities
20 Oct 2016
This game is a rendition of Hamlet created to highlight the poor relationship dynamics between Hamlet and Claudius.
19 Oct 2016
The story that leads you through many different paths and helps you find your new life and new world.
12 Oct 2016
You are the Author, a tortured genius whose work is doomed to be misunderstood by the philistines and intellectual pygmies who comprise the book-reading masses of your day. Can you find a way to bring your ill-fated career to a sudden, disastrous end?
12 Oct 2016
This is based off of a scene from the book Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson. You play as Tan-Tan, a girl who accidentally got banished to the world called New Halfway Tree with her father. You now get to navigate yourself and your father to civilization. Good luck!
04 Oct 2016
07 Jun 2016
This game is based off the book 1984 by George Orwell. This game is a homework assignment done in Mrs. Logan's AP Literature 2015-2016 class, Period 5 at El Capitan High School.
06 Jun 2016
By William Somerset Maugham, adapted version by tine-tanja11.
02 Jun 2016
S6 AP English summative project - Michelle, Maggie, Jason
02 Jun 2016
Origanly written by Paulo Coelho, this story has been rewritten for the enjoyment of a choose your own adventure story!
31 May 2016

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