Can You Survive The Handmaid's Tale as an Ofcody? Handmaid's Tale Textadventure Enjoy
14 hours ago
You play as a mouse, named Gray, in a little forest town. Live your daily life, fill your to-do list, have a picnic, or meet your neighbors March and Leaf! There are many possibilities. March-March is a small little ant that no one takes seriously. Leaf-Leaf is a nice guy...or is he?
13 days ago
The demo version of the game, where you perform the role of the emergency operator.
18 days ago
Hi Mr. Tonkin. This is Loya, Dylan and Jonah's story for the hero's journey assessment.
29 Nov 2016
You yawn as you wake up from your bed. You look to your left to see what time it is. It is 7:30, only 30 minutes to go to school. Now, you choose what to do next. Should you skip school, or go to school?
11 Nov 2016
Uma pequena experiência de como é minha vida em constante batalha com meu Transtorno Obssessivo Compulsivo (T.O.C.)
04 Oct 2016
The story of a female war correspondent, as put together for a WGS final project. Originally submitted in IFComp 2015.
04 Oct 2016
Este é um jogo sobre fazer jogos. E difinitivamente não é o Game Dev Tycoon.
22 Aug 2016
This is game I made for my final project in English. I looked at all of the notes I had taken this semester, pulled out the major, and most prevalent themes, and tried to write my own dystopic story incorporating them. Some come across is very obvious ways, others are a bit more hidden. Good luck playing the game! I apologize in advance for elements that don't work properly. I tried to debug the best I could, but if there is anything that doesn't work, let me know! I'll change it and update the game. Some hints: use words like "look at", "unlock", "use __ on __" in order to play through...
08 Dec 2015
Live the life of a rich guy!
01 Dec 2015
Are you a Transcendentalist? Make choices that gear you towards being more self-reliant according to Thoreau's principles.
29 Nov 2015

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