sometimes it's the smallest choice that can change your life forever.
23 hours ago
By Trey Freel See if you have what it takes to make it to safety in a zombie-infested city. Make decisions wisely and you may just make it out.
If you survive a plane crash. If you get lost in a deep jungle. If you in the next Hunger Games. You need to rely on my SOS project to give you the knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness. [Disclaimer: The Hunger Games is a fictional story written by Carolyn McCormick and Suzanne Collins. I do not own the rights for the Hunger Games and do not intend on posting any products or information that would go against the Hunger Games' copyright laws. The reference to such novel was all in a humorous manner and not intended to inform a judge or the police. Any future reference to the novel wil...
2 days ago
Little demo for English class. This is not a good game for regular people to find and play online.
2 days ago
"It's your first day as a Handmaid. Your new Ofwill approaches you and starts a conversation." You'll need to make a variety of decisions to ensure your survival in this Handmaid's Tale Text Adventure. Enjoy!
4 days ago
I was listening to my music when this song came on... I wondered if it would convert to a game... OK, not quite, but it does tell a liner story. And I hope you enjoy it.
26 Nov 2016

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