A text adventure for primary school children. It has some simple maths puzzles (suitable for year 3/4 ) and guides the user through the basic tropes of text adventures. Enjoy! :-)
As an unwilling student, you must navigate the annoyances and inconveniences of a less than stellar museum in order to complete your class assignment. But is there more to the "Ultimate Museum" than meets the eye...? (Yes, there is.) - Outwit museum guards! - Buy overpriced food! - Photograph artwork! - Check out the gift shop! - Fight monsters! - Take notes! - Plus more! Developed by Jonathan Estis for Museums and Society class project, Spring 2012.
Ever fancied yourself as a politician? Think you can make it from a 10-year old tuck shop supervisor to being a local councillor, a Member of the European Parliament, a Member of Parliament or even Prime Minister? If so, this is the game for you! Sim Political Career is the first game I have ever written, with Quest or any other game tool. It has taken hours of frustration, tedium and wanting to pull my hair out, but for all that has been a labour of love. It has obvious limitations and one day I hope to produce something much better, but if it can succeed in wasting 30 minutes of somebody's ...
A simple guide for new Gamebook players.
Educational RPG, designed to teach Russian and continuously test your knowledge. This game is based on the Metro 2033 book and computer game.
Bahrain Rises is a short interactive story made for a high school project in which the player plays as a Bahranian who experiences the beginning of the Bahranian revolt: why it happens, who it's between, etc. Experience the emotion, drama, trauma, and hardships during this dark section of Bahrain's history. (Disclaimer: This can barely be described as a game, it's more like an interactive short story. Also, this is my first game, so any reactions to the game or constructive criticism are always welcome). Thanks for playing, and enjoy the story!

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