You have been left to play in your playpen for the day, but you've left your favorite toy in your mother's room! Make your way to your mother's room to retrieve your Captain Jumbo in this dark tale told from an innocent perspective. This game was made as part of the "Micro-Fiction Quest Challenge" in the Quest 5 forums.
A short adventure in a cold, dark forest. Questions like where and why are irrelevant here. The one you really should be asking yourself is whether you'll make it back inside or not. Before it's too late. (A short, five minute "puzzle" adventure from a first-timer. It might be a bit different than the ones people have already submitted here, but it's more like a test anyway. Getting to know the system a bit better, so to speak.)
Your life hasn't been that great. Your father left your family when you were young and your mother has been forcing you to get straight A's. Today you have only $10 left. You decide to see Anyways, you make it through the movie. As you leave, you say to yourself, "I could rob a casino easily!" And here your story begins...
This is a short game.
You are on a quest for riches. You will not go home unless you find the lost treasure.
Out of one jail and into another... But maybe this won't be so unpleasant. This is the first game I've made in Quest -- hope you all like it! Please leave any feedback and any errors you encounter; it would be much appreciated :) Thanks in advance!!
Escape the library using knowledge and objects found in and about the library. This is my second game, please see my first ever here: (I think this the link.)
A very simple game. The challenge: prepare a cup of tea. Don't die.
You get drunk at a party and the last thing you remember is hitting on a girl. You wake up in the middle of the night in a large hedge maze. Can you get out? I made this one just to see if I could do it. It's a basic 4 direction hedge maze with a few puzzle and 300 "rooms". Only it's all done in one room.

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