Sir General Andrew McAmay decides to have a tea party with the Hamilton sisters. A bunch of paths may unfold, but will they return before the tea gets cold? -If you stump on a dead end, you'll have to wait until Orteil updates the story. -Story by Orteil
When you wake up, something is passing through the night sky.
As cold as any other night.
Kind of short, with 6 endings in total.
You wake up. You have no memories, and you're blind. Each playthrough is about one minute; the game is designed to encourage and reward multiple playthroughs.
You wake up on your couch, but remembering last night is hard for you. Everything is within it's place, yet something is off. Something is warped, something is...wrong. And you don't know why.
I am... well I can't tell. I am something you must guess. Try me and perhaps you will learn something.
Mindfulness is something. Something we all could make use of. MINDFULNESS A THING
Three poems, complied in twine. Written by a friend of mine, for that very same friend.
My story is about a Zombie Apocalypse. You wake up all of a sudden to sounds of mumbling zombies outside your house. You call for help but all of your loved ones have turned into infected zombies. Your hear zombies breaking down your home door downstairs and you pick up the nearest weapons to defend yourslef from the undead. Will you get infected or will you escape victorious?

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