Travelers Beware by Claire6129

You get to choose where you want to go, but every place has their advantages and disadvantages. Please know that these places do not exist, and that this is just a game.
Though this game tells people that you should allways check out the hotel online and never just wing it, because being prepared is being orginized, and being orginized is being smart, and being smart is being healthy.

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Review by Jesse Richardson
11 Jan 2017
could have been a good game. But failed to follow through, as they say in the basketball business.

Review by CraftyKat
08 Aug 2015
Sure, it's short. Sure, it's a bit disappointing. But I believe that this could be a very good game if it was longer. Just add on to your choices and BOOM! Five star game!

I had a bit of fun with this. Come on guys, it wasn't THAT bad, was it?

Oh well. I guess everyone has an opinion.

Review by TEXT
12 Aug 2014
Short, and not too great. It's just not that exciting.

Review by Kamaton999
15 Apr 2014
This was just straight up lazy. Which really sucks because this idea as a shit ton of potential if you just flesh out the scenarios for the islands. Escaping a doomed island with nothing more than whatever you packed sounds freaking awesome! And so does hunting down a wanted criminal! But they can quickly become lame if the entire story abruptly ends after a two choice dialog option.

I don't know if this was you're first try and if so sorry for being so harsh but this is the truth. If you're going to keep doing these try to least put a little depth into the story or at least make the choices somewhat unique?

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