It's the End of the World by con frunikin

This is my first game right now it is very small, but I intend to make it very large. The world ended 500 years ago few have survived you awake from your sleep in the bunker you are the last surviving member of your family and decide that today is the day you will face the world. please leave a review all good criticism is appreciated please remember that the game is still very very new and does not have and ending or is good at the moment thank you for playing.

0.1 grand release

0.2 major bug fixes and added police station w/ mutants armor and store now works please inform me of any bugs ASAP

0.3 Okay I know that there is a major bug in the game (nurses wont attack the player and vice versa) I have tried everything I can think of but nothing has worked so I am hoping that a fresh pair of eyes will do the trick if you find the solution to the problem please message me and I will fix the game right away thank you

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Review by Forest05
08 Aug 2017
As I expected, It's unfinished but great context. Just not enough content yet, but looks promising.

Review by Stella S.
05 Aug 2017
It should have better grammar. Overall, your word choice and context is marvelous, but the punctuation, spelling, and capitalization in the game isn't quite. Other than that, it's a good game. But, if only you didn't have to kill the dog.

Review by RobotGuy999
05 Aug 2017
Not Bad.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 01 Nov 2017
Updated 24 Jun 2020