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Reviews by Stella S.

Review for The Legend of Ooga
11 Nov 2016
I like it! You could improve some things; there are some typos here and there. Oh, and I understand why you added the bad grammar (it's cavemen, so it makes sense), but it'd still be better if it was written in regular and correct grammar. But I like the overall idea!

05 Nov 2016
Apart from many grammar mistakes, nice game!

Review for The Enchanted Glade
28 Sep 2016
Fun, but very difficult. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it! Well done. I like it. It's very descriptive, and entertaining.

28 Sep 2016
It's amazing! One of the best I've played. Nicely done!

23 Sep 2016
Very good and well-written. Amazing grammar, spelling, and phrasing.
Keep up the good work!

Review for Welcome to Pineview
23 Sep 2016
I love it! It's very intriguing.

Review for The Zen Garden
30 Jul 2016
Amazing cover art, amazing story, just simply amazing.
Very relaxing, much like the title suggests, and visualizable.
Keep it up!

19 Jul 2016
It's an amazing game. Very well written. Good job! I haven't played much games that are this good, and I can see you've put effort into it. So far, this is the second game that scored a One in my list of best games I've played.
1. A Stranger Unregarded, and Lost in the Shadows of Time.
2. Deeper
3. (Nothing)
-4. Everything else

Amazing work. Just with one play, that lasted five seconds, I knew this game was worth 5 stars.

Review for Deeper
15 Jul 2016
I'm not much good at it, but it's actually very fun! Good job.


09 May 2016
I got to be a sandwich! Just what I've always wanted!
Great game! :D

Review for Wake Up
27 Apr 2016
I like it. It's very simple but quite funny as well. Good job!

21 Apr 2016
Nice, but very short. You should update it!

31 Mar 2016
Great stuff!

30 Mar 2016
Very fun! 5 Stars