Cannery Vale by Hanon Ondricek

Hell, even a seagull would hit the spot right now, roasted crispy over a flame--

He immediately put all thoughts of food out of his head because at the moment it was just torture^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
NOTE: Mature Content - Violence, Sexuality, Language
Prose explicitness is adjustable in-game, but the story is intended for mature readers even on the lowest setting.
Detailed content warnings are accessible from the title screen.
9th Place, 24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2018)
27 Aug 2019
Incredibly detailed, with a huge numbers of options of things to do and great detail in how actions change little things as well as big. It makes a really original and immersive experience where you get really drawn into the setting; though some branches are bit surreal and unexplained. Indeed I found the ending a bit sudden and wasn't expecting it when it came, and wished it could have been foreshadowed/paced into a crescendo a bit more (particularly when I was so drawn into some of the mysteries/location).
One of the most memorable Horror text adventures I've played!

Review by xSaikoticx
25 Aug 2019
Crazy storyline, I love it ^_^

Review by constantwinter
07 Aug 2019
I intended to play this just for a while today.
Ended up spending all day on it, until it ended. Just couldn't stop.
It was a great experience.

Review by thecanvasrose
06 Aug 2019
Great horror game!

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Written by
Hanon Ondricek

Published 09 Dec 2018