Office Job Simulator 2014 by XeroInRetroSpect

A prototype game as part of The InRetroSpect Show on

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Review by 5thMuskateer
03 Jun 2016
It gets the point across well - office working is just one loop or boring, pointless activities. However, office working simply isn't just following links in a loop. 5* for putting forward the idea and it's meaning, but overall 2* for how boring this game actually is. Worth playing for about 30 seconds before you realise that you're just repeating your actions and there is no real storyline.

Review by GDPYT
14 Nov 2015
My friends 4 year old son could make something better than this

Review by Arch
28 Oct 2015

A well educated 10-year-old kid can make a better game than this!

Review by CraftyKat
22 Jul 2015
It's a loop, with no way to progress, or an element of fun.

Review by nyancat.exe
07 Nov 2014
"liek skyrim with guns!"- ign

23 Oct 2014
A terrible game that is not worth reviewing.

Just play it and you'll understand...

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