Zombolocaust by peter123

After spending two weeks in your room playing a video game, you return to society only to find society has fallen apart!


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Review by SmuggsBunny
07 Aug 2019
It was fun! The choices and dialogue made sense, and your character (you) wasn't a wuss or a John Wick-like person. I was disappointed with what happened to Jen...She was cool and deserved to live longer :D. #SaveJen

Review by karinchan999
23 Apr 2019
It was a fun ride. Enjoyed it. The choicest are cool, although mostly I was a cautious player and a bit heroic. Awesome game.

Review by Jarnagin
28 Mar 2019
It's fun and fair. Can't wait to play the sequel.

Review by MilkLizard
13 Nov 2017
Fun but short. Also, sometimes when I clicked on a choice it took 5 minutes to respond. I have a decent connection and computer so i doubt the issue is on my end, but still an enjoyable way to spend 10 minutes.

Review by Zephireosia
10 Nov 2017
That was a great game. It was freaky and fun. I wish it didn't end so soon though xdd cus it was getting pretty good!

Review by Dorian Moral
03 Nov 2017
Very good game you can take different routes and it has images.

Review by aldsidu
18 Sep 2017
Not bad at all, it was very interesting, looking forward to playing the next one as it was rather short.

Review by Robstruck15
17 Sep 2017
Best game I've played in a while! 10/10 Would play again!

Review by Hormus
29 Aug 2017
Excellent! Please keep up the good work!

Review by zaraihan
28 Aug 2017
Need a sequel!

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