Reviews by peter123

Review for Tic-Tac-Toe
26 Feb 2015
This is some cool logic and programming! Props for making a clever game like this.

Review for Fatal Island Part 2
31 Dec 2014
Good sequel! I like how you added achievements. I struggled in the beginning for a while, so I was pretty happy when I finally defeated the savage.

Really good moral choices and action, but I'd still like visuals or sound.

Keep it up!

Review for Fatal Island Part 1
31 Dec 2014
Really good logical choices that make sense! It bugs me in games when the choices are sort of ridiculous and both sound equally good or bad, making them just a 50/50 guess, but in this game it was a lot of moral choices, a lot of saving your energy and time vs. saving other people, which I really like!

Really wish the game was longer, and I might add some visuals, sounds or a scoring system (maybe rank how heroic or tired you are or something)

Good game! Time for part 2!

05 Dec 2014
Story - 5/5
It's a very original story and compelling to play, and it is very deep with underlying meanings. It helped me put my own life into perspective.

Gameplay - 5/5
Better than fallout and skyrim combined.

Graphics - 5/5
I wasn't sure if this was a video game, or I was actually swimming around in the water. I think I almost drowned because it was so enthralling.

Sound - 5/5
How did you get John Williams to do a soundtrack for your game?

Replayability - 5/5
I haven't slept in five days because I've been playing the game every possible way. 100+ hours of gameplay, easily.

Overall - 5/5
It was pretty good.

Review for Geoff's Adventure
05 Dec 2014
This is hilarious, i wish i could've hit the alien one more time. I would've given it 6 stars if I could've hit the alien one more time.

This was a really funny game, and worth replaying to see all the different stories and how they come together. I enjoyed the sense of humor and movie references. Nice work!