Night House by bitterkarella

You're eight years old. You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. But you soon realize that not everything is as it seems in this house tonight. Where has everyone gone? Things look different in the dark.

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Night House was an entrant in IFComp 2016 and placed 8th out of 58.

Special thanks to play testers The Pixie, Egghead Cheesybird, Steph Cherrywell, Norman Rafferty, Rich Finn, Holden Crick, and Khatoblepas! And a BIG thanks to Davy B for additional coding and problem solving!

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Review by frostyflakes
18 Oct 2018
what an amazing story!! i loved the atmosphere and mood. it was creepy and sad and nostalgic and fun all at once!! this is one that will stick with me for a long time. be sure to save your game frequently, since it has a habit of freezing up and timing out.

Review by mahboi
25 May 2018
Very well written.

Review by archerqueen08
09 Apr 2018
This is a fantastic blend of creepiness and genuine emotion. The story was very, very well written. At the beginning it was the atmosphere that I found outstanding, the author crafted a very eerie setting (I was sincerely scared to go outside). At the end, I have to admit I got a little teary.
A very well done story.

Review by H. Vernon
20 Mar 2018
Fun, scary and atmospheric!

Review by hari_seldon
09 Dec 2017
Can I give it 6 stars? It was awesome! Blew me away! I had not expected a story so elaborate, a world so complex and extensive. Genuinely fantastic!

Review by scotts6931
04 Dec 2017
Epppppicccccc! :D :D
That was an extremely fun game. I needed to use the walkthrough once. It is a very deep game.

Review by Crystal_Flight
24 Oct 2017
Wow, what a fun experience (also creepy and tense, sometimes!) This was my first time playing a text-based game (or Interactive Fiction game), so I'm not well versed on what a really good IF game is, but as far as games go, I can say this one was brilliant. Besides the super useful menu where you could make commands without having to type, plus the map, the absolute best thing about the whole thing was the story. Learning more about the game world and making suppositions while reading notes and/or researching through the encyclopedia was so much fun I almost felt like a detective. The writing is simple but beautiful and very effective at setting an atmosphere. I also loved the fact that it had 2 endings, plus, I felt extremely satisfied at one point in the story where someone evil gets wrecked! I can say that I cried a little when I came to the conclusion of who the main character really was... Even though it was my first time playing a game of this genre, I never had any trouble at progressing through it - except for the spider part , where I was really stumped. The only problems I encountered were that, when resuming the game, the rain sounds would cease playing, however, I solved it by playing a Youtube video on the background :D; the other issue is that sometimes the page would freeze. Even though it would come back to after a while, I would - most times, however -, simply close it and resume after my last save.
Well then, after this fantastic experience, I'll definitely try out more IF games!

Review by emmodii
23 Sep 2017
This was actually really fun to play. It wasn't too obvious what the plot was and the twists here and there kept things interesting, and I found myself wanting to learn more and more. Of course, I'm a bit disappointed that because I kinda thought the pond might've had a role to play in this, but otherwise, good job! And I'm glad we could choose where we wanted to go in the end as well.

Review by Lsup52
09 Jun 2017
GG m8. Noice game. Liked the ending.

Review by OnlyDuncan
18 May 2017
It's an okay game, with good game design, but unfortunately it's bogged down by a pretty cliche story ripped straight from Stranger Things. My biggest issue with the game is how a lot of the shit in the game that seems important, like the pond hidden behind the heap and the chainsaw without the gas, aren't used at all in the story. Also, what about the slinky and the rubberband ball? There are so many threads that aren't resolved regarding the environment and items that it feels unfinished. I was also very disappointed when I realized the betamax tape wasn't the parents sex tape. Why the hell was it next the "magic wand?" The gameplay, most of the storytelling, and the map were good, but I'd still give it a 6/10. Back to the pond though, I'm assuming the creator thought these were red herrings of some kind, but it's not fun when you spend a million lines of dialogue trying to turn the slinky and rubberband ball into a makeshift fishing pole. I wanted those fish. I wanted to get in that pond. I expect remake on my desk by Monday. Also, the game kept freezing on me. I had to make an account just to play this masochistic fuck fest mess of a game. If you're a fan of Tommy Wiseau's The Room, give it a try. I wish there was more dinocoptors lore. I'd like a dinocoptors visual novel dating sim. I want to date fem brontowheeler, but I would also appreciate a gay option as well. I think a game like that could blow other sim titles like Persona 5 right out of the water. The water of the pond. That I wanted to go in. Anyway, 10/10 unnecessary hand washes. Also, pond. Also, why was the spider referred to as a spider even after the game acknowledged it had too many arms to be a spider? Also, catskin was creepy, too bad he lasted five seconds before he was as dead as Lightning McQueen. Was there even a possibility I could've died in this? Because aside from the beginning, I never felt like I was in danger. I was sprinting throughout that house with wild abandon. But, again, 3/10. What's in that pond? XOXO Prickles YOURS AND FUREVER. PS Pond? dick move. 12/10.

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