The Game of Lives by The Well

Warning : This work includes horror elements, mature content, the truth, startling events and dark subject matter. Is not recommended for young or unstable players.

It is the knowledge of the cosmos which lines the armour of those wayward knights. Their crippled bodies and porcelain skin hidden beyond pallid bulwarks and stygian oceans. It is that same luster of awareness, of truth which is a plague to those ignorant masses that horde in their wake. They will claw at their heels in hatred as they trek towards the threshold of death, their eyes clasped shut. For they would not bear to gaze upon the towering lords, those walking tombs. Lest some of that same truth stain their eyes. They were not meant to see, nor do they wish to know; what lays beyond the edges of their stage of lies.

Based off the philosophy and concepts found in the first of the epitaph trilogy, The Columbria Ultimatum: The Game of Lives, and its two yet unrevealed successors.

View the prologue at for further context.

The Game of Lives as recorded under the Columbria Ultimatum is the copyrighted intellectual property of an operative under The Well, and its literature is the adolescent foundation for greater future works; which will be finalized and published within the coming decade.

Wish to contact The Well? Use the ODC! The trusted courier service for all dark realm missives. Send your regards to the [email protected], and should they be proper they will be forwarded directly to the blackness! And remember our cherished maxim, oblivion is forever.

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Review by castrabionte
12 Jan 2021
just like in life you can't go bacwards, you can only move forward until you are forced to stop

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 12 Jan 2017
Updated 23 Feb 2017