The Unmemoried Man by Miguel Ángel Cabo Galguera

"The Unmemoried Man" follows your story. Your story as a man without a past, withouth an identity, without memory. Many of the things you'll encounter in your journey will remain a mystery forever. Many of them only happen if you act in a certain way. Much like in life itself. Good luck.
Review by Mayame8
27 Jul 2015
It's pretty good, but confusing at times.

Is Fabien multiple people? Because first he's a Messenger of Death, but he also dies in horrible ways, and he's a servant of God. It's a little confusing then, but it's still a great story

Review by pey6ton
05 Apr 2015
Pretty good, some grammar errors

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Written by
Miguel Ángel Cabo Galguera

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Published 05 Apr 2015