The J. Redd Mine V1.0 by Tai

Version 1 of J. Redd Mine. Larger Version(s) are going to be coming out within the week. This Adventure is about a series of challenges brought before you in an underground mine. This version only has an intro section and one challenge, but we're sure you'll enjoy it!

*Includes a coffee shop with ability to buy drinks
* HP and Coins
*Awesome mine with cool puzzles (incomplete. wait for v2 for more mine stuff!)
*Interactive things and people


*Combat system coming soon

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Review by Silver
31 Jul 2013
I'm not entirely sure why people put up un-finished games. Perhaps there's an interesting combat system they want beta testing? Sadly that isn't the case here.

After the opening foreword that takes great effort to big up the experience you're about to have you begin the game in an open empty space with white walls. Thankfully the monotony of the place is broken by there being a gatekeeper present who prevents you going north until you have the right documentation. No bother, I'll try east. This leads to a room with glass shelves with objects on, none of which you can take a look at. No bother, I'll go west again. Although it doesn't seem possible as a mystery closed steel door has now materialised from nowhere blocking my route. So I'm eternally trapped in a room with miscellaneous objects that I can't interact with.

Starting the game again and going west to the coffee shop proves more fruitful as a conversation with Jill reveals she can provide me with the documentation that will allow me access to the rest of the unfinished game.

It's difficult to imagine why people publish games at such an early stage of development. Any comments are likely to range from negative to non-existent. But I'll try to keep this upbeat. Fill those shelves with objects I can actually interact with, demolish any mysteriously appearing doors and give the walls a lick of paint because I'm sure there's still a game to be had out of all of this.

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