Harambe: The Text Adventure by cookywook

Relive the final days of the world's favourite ape.

A choose-your-own adventure style game where you guide Harambe through his last days. There are no happy endings here.
Review by Sterconium
14 May 2018
I am a huge Harambe believer. Despite that, this game is pretty good.
It makes you enter the under-esteemated perspective of a captived animal, with a deep atmosphere of unknown and upcoming drama.
I really liked its style: put out the meme from its name and you can put it out of Comedy section.

Review by Regisblackgaard
22 Oct 2016
HArambe was a poo

Review by esteemedtroglodyte
26 Sep 2016
An ape made into a text-adventure. What fun.

Review by ChubbyLandshark
16 Sep 2016
Harambe was my father

Review by katiesims33
07 Sep 2016
R.I.P Harambe

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Published 07 Sep 2016