"The Run" Season 1 by lexxxx096

"As you open your eyes, you realized things have gotten worst..."
-This is for the zombie fans out there! Please have it a try. I'm sure you would enjoy it. (This is my first time to make. Hope you appreciate it!) ★★★★★

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Review by mentlegen
22 Dec 2016
ehhh not the best

31 Dec 2014
I liked it but I had problems with it. 1. It was too short 2. It seemed unrealistic and goofy, because of the amount of weapons they had. 3. It seemed a bit cheesy, because they jump out like it was action movie and 4 the story was kinda fast. Thanks for Reading

Review by TheHatMan
28 Jun 2014
The game is amazing, good choices and such. Hope you make season 2.

Review by SlayerJT16
14 Jun 2014
I only voted 2 because of the flow of the story, it was very choppy, and your grammar needs some work as well. I'd suggest taking writing lessons and maybe getting an English Tudor. Keep at it! Some day you might make a good writer!

Review by Ethan+22
14 Mar 2014
Well done. A good story. There are only two problems. First of all, you are either too young to be cussing this much or English is obviously not your first language. In either case, work on it.
Second of all, it was paced too quickly. I notice one of the reviews further down says simply 'Too short'. Whilst I thought it was pretty good in terms of length anyway, if you worked on pacing the story more it would be longer and in some cases more enjoyable.

Review by Sturchy101
02 Jan 2014
It was good, but had many mistakes and the Military personnel seemed less Objective and still knowing of a quarantine would have used there ranks and even if they did not, they would use last names not first names as it makes them to clingy to each other and builds a relationship. Over all the story line was not bad and kept players interested.

Can't wait to play the second season.

Review by roger1
23 Jul 2013
the game's story is fine, but a bit cliche. and the grammar is a little bad, a lot of misspelled words, work on that an the game would be golden.

Review by nikolayhristov
11 May 2013
Too short.

Review by kmgr84ce
11 May 2013
A bit short. I cant wait for season 2 though

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