Taking a Walk Outside by zzGODSKNIFEzz by zzGODSKNIFEzz

You wake up in a strange place and attempt to retrace your steps but you remember only wanting to take a walk outside...
Review by Gurennyan
27 Jan 2016
Warning, spoilers!
I enjoyed the story, it was like an odd thing I'd read on fanfiction. though I'd like to see more than three endings, either it's a dream and I awake knowing it never happened, just start the loop all over again in an attempt to go back to the dream, or I die in my dream and my soul becomes forever lost.

Review by MiserablePenguin
18 Mar 2015
It's okay.

Review by DJ Phylactery
30 Jan 2015
Out of many of the stories in here, this is genuinely witty and clever. 8/10

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