My Sweet Bodyguard - Meeting My Deadbeat Dad, The President - (Rewritten Prologue of MSB) by tsukimori

You have lived a poverty stricken life. Your mother single handedly raised you thanks to your deadbeat loser father. You lived with your grandmother after your mother died but now she's dead too and you're down to your last penny. You're stuck with a deadbeat job wearing a degrading bunny suit handing balloons to ungrateful children. If that wasn't bad enough...

One day you were held at gun point then was saved by a bunch of bodyguards who claims that your father wants to meet you. Not only that you now find out that your life is in danger thanks to your father. Your life just gets better and better.
Review by ReconClone
13 Aug 2016
After playing the original game I definitely enjoyed this version more. The MC tends to act more appropriately/realistically than the original, which is the most appealing aspect. Sadly there weren't any new additions to this rewrite and I would like to see this further expanded, but that seems doubtful. Regardless it's worth a read.

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