Teenage Gaywad by glitternose

My first ever twine game. A fictional adventure about being a cool gay teen.
Review by AZDfox
06 May 2016
Honestly, the story could use some actual substance.

Review by xJujiiiix
26 Apr 2015
Its quite a nice story and works good /without problems.
I liked it but it was way too short.
Please work on it some more and make it longer :*

Review by MiserablePenguin
17 Mar 2015
Pretty good. I would prefer it to be longer, but that's okay. Also, you should specify that the character is a girl. Overall, I like it.

Review by starrysparkly
14 Apr 2014
I had to play this just for the title. I liked the format of the game, but I wish it had been longer and had more character development.

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Published 26 Mar 2014