The Lost and The Found by Tom_Clement

Summer. You have just turned eighteen. Bored with your existence in the suburbs and lack of school. It is one afternoon when you lock eyes with David. His golden blonde hair and the light freckles on his cheeks, he makes your heart thump.

And then the door to your world is kicked in. Parties with old friends. Parties with new friends. Running and kissing in the rain. Fist fights. First loves. And when all is done, what will you have left?

Is this what life feels like?

Content Warning: Mature Content/Discrimination/Bad Language.

Recommended Age Rating: 16+
Review by sillylittlepuppy
18 Aug 2021
I can't click on F***in' I'm Queer because it's red.

Review by Nyssa_Valdez
29 Apr 2020
Bi flag caught my eye and thankfully so. I wasn’t expecting to be hit full force with an amazing story, relatable theme, and just all the Emotion I experienced while reading this.
10/5 would read / recommend again

Review by Heres a problem
09 Feb 2020
Gg, great ending

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