Spellsword by The-L-Man

This is a original RPG Gamebook please enjoy.
Please leave a Review

Update news, The adventure update is mostly complete and i have rolled out a early build of it so enjoy.

At this point this game is in a interactive development state.Meaning that if you leave suggestions in the comments then i will take them into consideration wile make the game. I will also give you credit for the idea in the description. A fun Gamebook Rpg this is my first creation so if you have any tips please tell me.
Keep in mind this is in pre alpha so expect bugs. The game is not complete.

For this game you will need somewhere to record your stats, inventory, mana and health. Also a 6 sided dice.

Combat Rules inspired by Chrisb184

Melee Damage = Strength + Dice roll + Weapon bonus - Enemy armour
Bow Damage= Agility + Dice roll + Weapon bonus - Enemy Armour
Composite bow damage = Agility + dice roll +Weapon bonus + composite bows strength - Enemy Armour
If either the player or the opponent's total damage dealt is less than the armour of the combatant which they are attacking then remove two from the combatant who is being attacked's armour rating each time this happens.
The player's armour rating is restored at the end of the fight
Spell Damage = Intelligence+ Dice roll + Spell power - Enemy resistance
You can cast a spell or attack each turn.
Use mana carefully as there are very few chances to restore it.
Spend gold wisely as there are very few chances to obtain more.
Combatant with the highest agility attacks first. If agility is equal then the player attacks first.

Character plate that you can copy and past into Note Pad
30 health 30 magica
? gold

Base agility -
total Agility =
[composite Bow]
Base strength -
Total Strength =
Base defence -
Total defence =

Magic Resistance -

Intelligence -

Combat armor=
Enemy Combat armor =
Enemy Health


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Review by mem1100
03 Aug 2016
I'm kind of a stickler for basic proofreading, especially in text-based games. The level of grammar and spelling errors is really just laziness, here. That being said, the mechanics are also a bit of a mess. Dead links, and it shouldn't be that hard to work an actual mechanic into the game that tracks your gold, stats, equipment, etc. Having the player copy/paste a template and roll a d6 is, again, simple laziness.
The saving grace (keeping this from being a 1-star game) is that the idea is fairly interesting, if not particularly original. With a bit of effort, this game could be salvaged.

Review by Icamenal
11 Apr 2016
Many errors in the spelling and grammar of this story, and a couple continuity errors in this okayish plot.

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