Frozen by hkas

Can you thaw a frozen heart?


One girl's epic adventure to open a door.

For those new to text adventures, interactive fiction, or in this case, interactive fan fiction, try things like this: go north (or just n), inventory (or just i) look, look at Elsa (or examine Elsa, or ex Elsa), wait, talk to Elsa, ask Elsa about ice. Try verbs like open, paint, climb, bounce, take, drop, give, buy, jump, use, pour. Don't be too complex, shorter is better. Also there are more verbs than are listed in the drop down menus.

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Review by katzoo12
05 Mar 2021
Not bad, not bad at all. Incredibly detailed. The only thing is I can't progress further. I'm trying to buy Sigurd's inventions but there's a running script error. Any tips/any plans on continuing if this is unfinished?

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 06 Apr 2014
Updated 05 May 2014