Candy Ant Princess by Whisperbat

You are the Candy Ant Princess! As you head out from your home to establish a new colony, many trials will await you! Choose wisely and and rule your lands as you see fit.

A game of delicious candy and questionable biology.
Review by timmyfjjffddj22
22 Feb 2020
this is so underrated, the only games that get popular here are fetish games

Review by Raac
04 Aug 2017
Would be a 5 if it was longer! I hope to see more of this great work.

Review by Fantasylover22
05 Nov 2016
Fun game! Quite short but thoroughly enjoyed. I love the lay out and the way you can personalise the story. Thank you Whisperbat!

Review by Dekupik
30 Aug 2014
This was the most amazing thing i have ever played thank you Whisperbat

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Published 12 Jun 2013